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Leandra Brandson is an interdisciplinary artist currently located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She primarily focuses on queer identity, and how intersectional lived experiences can come together to form collective thought. She uses clay to build large-scale figurative sculptures. Her works primarily use paints, underglaze, and textiles to achieve a blend of surface textures. Brandson relies on lived experience and intersectional dialogue for inspiration.

Brandson graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Honours in 2021 from the University of Manitoba. She held a position as an instructor in ceramics through the city of Winnipeg. From 2021 - 2022, Brandson was an Artist in Residence at Medalta in the Historic Clay District. During her time in residence, Brandson taught and produced ceramic ware in Medalta's production facility on-site. During this time, she created and exhibited She's Here Too in Medalta's Yuill Family Gallery and co-exhibited in Following a Flow: 5 Pots by Brianne Siu and Leandra Brandson. Brandson relocated from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Halifax, Nova Scotia in mid-2022.

In creating large-scale sculpture, Brandson addresses the curated identity from a queer perspective. Internal and external viewpoints are the building blocks of being, and how we choose to interpret them drastically influences our ability to self-regulate physically and emotionally. Featuring vibrant colours and textures, she articulates scenes from the perspective of a queer woman. Sculpture is an artistic chameleon, allowing her to push and pull the persona into being. As we continue to monetize the surreal and performative, we are perpetually raising the bar on who and what is shocking in contemporary media. With materials such as clay, wool, and foam, Brandson seeks to use her hands to actualize abstracted intangible perceptions of the self from a flickering screen into a physical manifestation of personhood.