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Leandra Brandson_Saturday Night (My Teeth Fell Out) - Detail 2.jpg


Leandra Brandson is a ceramic artist, art instructor, and technician currently situated in K’jipuktuk/Halifax, Nova Scotia. Brandson graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Honours in 2021 from the University of Manitoba.
Her works seek to pinpoint fragile connections between layers of perception and self-expression. Brandson creates works compartmentally, building in sections to allow for precise fine-tuning. She creates to address gender identity, queer expression, and environmental destruction. Brandson delves into the depths of how construction can represent itself within the mind, and the processes in which it becomes actualized.

Prior to graduation, Brandson was awarded a residency at Medalta in the Historic Clay District, which has acted as a catalyst for her development as an artist. During her time in residence, Brandson facilitated workshops, and worked as a production potter in the historic museum. Brandson’s time at Medalta culminated in a solo exhibition, titled She’s Here Too. After the completion of her residency, Brandson travelled between Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba to participate in the summer market season. In late 2022, Brandson relocated to Halifax, Nova Scotia to become a technician at North Preston Community Centre.

Brandson currently runs workshops out of North Preston Community Centre and the Centre for Craft Nova Scotia, teaching a variety of ceramic techniques.

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